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Mark Rauterkus, coach, educator and an engaging public speaker. Various roles include: Coaching swimming with The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, PA. Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a 501(c)(3). Webmaster for International Swim Coaches Association, Pool & Lesson Manager at The Pittsburgh Project, Founder of

Mark at U-Prep to Dreamers

So, first we're going to warm-up with some exercises outside. Then, we run 1-mile to the pool. We'll swim for 2-hours and play at game of SKWIM after our lesson. Then when it is time to get out, we'll dry off and come back to school. Half-way back on the return trip, look for the other coach with the icy. And, don't litter! Are yinz ready for some Summer Dreamers fun at SKWIM & Water Polo? 

Reply from Mark RauterkusTitle: More Bark and Less Dog Wagging -- How

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Quotes and Fair Use"Misquotation is, in fact, the pride and privilege of

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Appointment site, sortaI always wanted to build a website that would include

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Blast from the past: Campaign CD-ROM from 2006Here is a Covid-19 project

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Some random thoughts for topics for coaching educationIn no particular order.Open Water

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Webmaster for the International Swim Coaches Association and swim, SKWIM and water polo coach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Public speaker and retired publisher, husband and father.

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