WordCamp comes to Pittsburgh in September 2018, and presentation ideas have been submitted



Bio of Mark Rauterkus:

Long-time publisher of more than 100 titles since the earliest days of desk-top publishing, a community blogger with more than 15,000 posts and now with more than a dozen web sites that support a passion for sports, Pittsburgh, and literacy — Mark Rauterkus is often cheering on city kids and citizens for playing well with others.


Topic Title: Free ebooks, get them while their hot.

Topic Description:

Check out the suite of 31 free ebooks about basic WordPress topic from Flywheel. Bang!

I read them all, well, I promise I’ll read them all by the time I give this presentation. And, I’ve harvested another list of interesting ebooks to share as well from other sources, all free. Plus,there is the matter of my ebook past. I claim to have published the world’s first sports ebook, Tide Teamwork. Now I’ve got some others floating out there too. In the discussion time, we’ll huddle and talk about the blending of blogs, ebooks, WordPress and even HTML5 delivery of content.

Intended Audience: beginners

Past Speaking Experience (not necessary to apply):

Speaker at many community events and have done more than a dozen podium talks to various sized audiences. Most are about technical sports and educational topics, not on WordPress.


Topic Title: Quizzes and Digital Badges with Learn-Dash and SKWIM

Topic Description: “Blended learning” and “flipping the classroom” are hot educational topics. Coach Mark’s blending includes WordPress with swimming, water safety, water polo. Get a peek at the gamification with digital badges that support SKWIM — a game that helps to prevent the second-leading-cause of accidental death among youngsters, drowning.

Quizzes have a role in developing more confident, literate and healthy youngsters even at our inter-city swimming pools.

Experience a Play.CLOH.org quiz on water safety and then get an under-the-hood tutorial on how quizzes are constructed with the WordPress plug in called Learn-Dash. Witness the range of options and outcomes. Together, we’ll cook up a Pittsburgh WordPress quiz and bestow badges to the smart participants who can master the on-line Q&A.

Intended Audience: beginners, intermediate, educators

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Image of Coach Mark Rauterkus

Image of Coach Mark Rauterkus

One page bio

One page bio
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