Podium notes for introducing Coach Mark Rauterkus

Mark Rauterkus of Pittsburgh has coached swimming since 1976 when he started a team as a lifeguard. With 9 years at the college level, more than 10,000 swimmers have called him “Coach Mark.”

He has worked for 52 athletic directors and 34 principals. His swimmers set state records in four states.

  • Pennsylvania,
  • Ohio,
  • Illinois and
  • Massachusetts.

Mark published more than 100 titles (mostly books) for cutting-edge sports participants. He published the first ebook in sports in 1989. A new ebook series is due in 2019 about aquatic game-play. In January 2018, Mark became the executive director of the nonprofit, SKWIM USA.

His advocate site,, aims to Create Literate Olympians Here. Mark's passion is expressed at C-L-O-H dot org. Creating Literate Olympians Here.


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Mark Rauterkus at the swim pool at Green Tree

Mark Rauterkus as volunteer coach for Green Tree Great White Sharks

Mark Rauterkus as speaker to Pacific Swim Coaches in Napa, California

Mark Rauterkus at Pittsburgh Interfaith's first public action, 2003, seeking technology investments within Citiparks Recreation Centers. See script.

Mark Rauterkus as Independent candidate for PA Senate

Mark Rauterkus as candidate for Pittsburgh City Council

Mark in 2008 at Olympics in Beijing in front of The Bird's Nest Stadium

Mark in 2017 at the American Swim Coaches Association's World Clinic in Washington D.C.

Mark speaking to students at University of Pittsburgh about the campaign for mayor of Pittsburgh, 2001

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