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Title: More Bark and Less Dog Wagging -- How to Energize Squad, Campus and Community Game-Play for Wellness' Sake

For decades, competitive swimming has been the tail that has wagged the dog in terms of athletic / aquatic programming. We all know that swim pools are the best learning laboratories ever created. When it comes to teaching valued lessons for individuals, small-groups and the larger community, classrooms can't match the promise nor thrills found within aquatic settings.

Within this presentation, Coach Mark, a veteran of community programs, and a college coach for 10+ years, presents a boat load of new tools for college coaches. These ideas can be deployed with your teams and beyond. Specific ways to interact with the larger, online community are also detailed. Come to understand how your impact can transcend your team and department.

College coaches can step up and deliver fresh leadership with simple, constructive, actions outlined within the presentation. And, the International Swim Coaches Association can offer you support in these endeavors.

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Image of Coach Mark Rauterkus

Image of Coach Mark Rauterkus

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